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Patrol Angis On Sale for the Month of March

The folks over at Alternative Armies are big into March. They've got a special deal going on where you can get a bundle of three Patrol Angis books for 50% off the regular price. Who doesn't like getting stuff for cheaper than usual?

From the announcement:

It is now March 2019 and aside from this being the month of my birthday and of Celtic drunken celebration it is also a month which has a new offer for you. All this month there is 50% off the three book digital download bundle for Patrol Angis! Get 192 pages in three great titles, all there is for the game, in one place and you can use your Reward Points too if you choose. The biggest book offer we have ever done! We have also retired the Skylark Patrol Flyer and there is news on this in the linked article. Thanks for your support.