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Paths: World of Adia RPG Up On Kickstarter

Smunchy Games has launched a Kickstarter campaig for Paths: World of Adia, their new fantasy RPG that mixes classical elements and the ability to play solo (in case the rest of your gaming group has to give it a miss one week).

From the campaign:

Join us in Adia, a young living world whose political landscape shifts as drastically as its physical growth. This planet of extremes is in constant flux as its three moons influence the magical Spirit that flows between Adia and all of her living creatures. In Paths: World of Adia, players adopt the role of a denizen in a rich, multicultural world, a denizen who has decided to embrace and pursue their goals to become more than just another face in the crowd. Our lush, developed environments and evolving story are designed with immersion and interactivity in mind as players move and grow with a unique blend of both new and familiar game systems.  

We're introducing a fresh take on the traditional Race/Class/Skill system by introducing our Path Progression System. With it, players can deeply explore the development of their character with experience progression that is truly dynamic. Path Points are but one of the options players have when spending experience. They can also change their encounter decks, purchase new talents, or explore completely new paths. These options cater to the enrichment of mechanic-focused and story-focused players alike, allowing changes that could be used to round out meta game balancing or change your character based on how they have developed in their journeys.

Combat and Skill checks are handled with our Paths Spirit system. Players roll three eight-sided dice to determine their total along with various bonuses applied to each check. This system offers a stacking critical success and failure system to allow for truly heroic and heart-breaking moments of play. Our stacking crit system adds an extra die of damage for every max value hit roll. For GMs, or parties without a GM, that want to let chance take the lead we have devised behavior charts specialized to each monster and an aggro system to influence the flow of combat. 

The campaign's making its way to half-funded with 27 days left to go.