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Pathfinder Arena Community Survey Happening Now

Pathfinder Arena will bring the thrill of Pathfinder to your tabletops in a new way, as a board game. And Paizo wants your help in deciding what characters to put in it. So, they've launched a community survey to find out what you want. Head over and put your votes in now.

From the website:

The Pathfinder Arena survey determines which heroes we will include in the heroes' expansion pack. Find it online at the Pathfinder Arena Official Facebook Group!

The core box of the game will feature fourteen monsters and four heroes: Kyra (Human Cleric), Merisiel (Elf Rogue), Valeros (Human Fighter), and Ezren (Human Wizard). We have already revealed all four heroes' miniatures and ten of the fourteen monsters.

The first expansion pack includes two new heroes and new features to enhance the game's longevity and increase the number of strategies to win the game. According to the class, each hero has weaknesses and strengths, which influence the way the character is played in the game. Moreover, each hero has access to exclusive features, including armor, weapons, skills, and magic.

Giochi Uniti and Paizo aim to involve the community as much as possible in the game's creation process. It is just the first survey, but more will follow (e.g. about the monsters' expansion pack).

The range of heroes eligible for the survey is the remaining eight iconic heroes: Fumbus (Goblin Alchemist), Seelah (Human Paladin), Amiri (Human Barbarian), Harsk (Dwarf Ranger), Lem (Halfling Bard), Lini (Gnome Druid), Sajan (Human Monk), and Seoni (Human Sorcerer).

Join the Facebook group to vote for your favorite hero. We will add it in the future crowdfunding campaign!

The crowdfunding date is yet to be determined, as well as the hosting platform. Subscribe to the Pathfinder Arena webpage to stay updated on this project and be notified of crowdfunding campaign news.