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Pathfinder 2nd Edition Necromancy Spell Book Up On Indiegogo

Spellcasters love their spellbooks. More than just a list of spells they can cast, they will often trick them out and make them look approriately interesting. That's what we've got going on with the Necromancy Spellbook for Pathfinder 2nd Edition that's up on Indiegogo now. Have yourself a look.

From the campaign:

I am illustrating all 8 schools of magic for PATHFINDER 2nd Edition. I decided to start with Necromancy and it is just about finished!. These are spellbooks containing every spell from the PATHFINDER 2e books and illustrated beautifully. I have also added a grimoire in the back of the spellbook so that one may write down any homebrew spells and personalize the book itself. I always thought it would be cool to play a magic user and actually have a legit spellbook to bring to the table.

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 54 days.