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Pathfinder 2nd Edition Available on Roll20

Over the weekend, Pathfinder 2nd Edition hit shelves and gamers all over the world grabbed the new books and get gaming. Well, what if your gaming group is spread out all over the world and you still want to play? That's where Roll20 comes in. They have Pathfinder 2nd Edition up on their platform as well. So, what are you waiting for?

From the announcement:

We have a fully developed Roll20 character sheet that brings all the Pathfinder functionality online with click-to-roll abilities, weapons, and more. The Pathfinder Core Rulebook for Second Edition will also be available so players and GMs alike can easily look up rules, stats, and more through the Roll20 Compendium. We’ll also release the first new Adventure Path, Fall of Plaguestone, in mid August.