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Pangea Board Game Up On Kickstarter

It's the time of the Great Dying, when much of the world's creatures are becoming extinct. What creatures will survive and make it into the next age? That's for the player to decide. On the great continent of Pangea, species roam around, trying to stave off death. That's the story behind Pangea, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Thank you very much for supporting the Pangea project. The fact that you are here is certainly not a coincidence and you probably want to learn more about the great End-Permian extinction, a subject that has been unexplored, mystical and terrifying. At last, the time has come to face this mystery we still know so little about.

Hopefully, this game will bring the Permian age and its tragic ending closer to you, because the design process was preceded by a long study of the history 252 million years ago, so as to most accurately portray the subject and terminology.

Consider participation in this program a game in which you will be called a volunteer or a researcher.

The Polish version of the game has been funded, and it was a great success.

Thanks to Polish backers your copies will include Special Animal miniatures, also all Add-ons unlocked in the Polish campaign are available to you from the beginning. 

Hopefully the Kickstarter campaign will be dynamic and with your support your copies of the game (as well as Polish backers' copies) will have even more additional content. 

The KS campaign is going to be very short, only 14 days, still we are hoping that all stretch goals will be unlocked. 

It is also important for you to be aware the game is already complete and tested, which is why there will very particular stretch goals in the campaign. Even if all of them get unlocked, we are not going to add any new, half-baked ones that could unhinge the game balance, ruining months of our work. Our goal is to release a well-tested and good-looking product, not a ton of poor, unplayable add-ons. 

We hope you understand that. 

Remember that together we have an impact on the final appearance of the game and its content. You are welcome to comment.

The Kickstarter is funded multiple times over with 12 days left to go.