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Pandemic: Rapid Response Now Available

In an emergency, every second matters. What happens now can have a big effect on what happens later. And that's what you'll be balancing in Pandemic: Rapid Response, the new game in the beloved Pandemic line from Z-Man Games. You can go pick up your copies now. Don't waste a second!

From the post:

The control center is abuzz. Urgent messages fire over the receiver as the plane speeds toward California. 

“Los Angeles needs water,” says Raquel, the Supply Specialist. “Plus first aid and two crates of vaccines.”

“Let’s adjust course to L.A. for a drop,” commands Director Martina Rivera. “How long do we have, Antun?”

“ETA to L.A. is 27 minutes,” confirms the Flight Planner.

“Are they ready in the cargo bay?” Martina asks. There’s a pause on the line, and before anyone can respond, Ian’s voice cuts in.

“We’re gonna need some help in the recycling center. Waste is really starting to pile up.”

“I’ll send someone back,” Martina adds quickly. “Adjoua, count those crates. Let’s go, people. Time is of the essence!”

In Pandemic: Rapid Response, players must work together to bring life-saving aid to cities around the world, and fast—the timer is always counting down to another disaster! Take your turn as quickly as possible, rolling and assigning dice to maneuver the plane and deliver the right supplies to affected cities. Can you save humanity before time runs out?

Pandemic: Rapid Responseis a new real-time board game set in the Pandemic universe and is available now. In the U.S., find the game exclusively on shelves at a Target near you or online at Outside the U.S., Pandemic: Rapid Response is available through standard board game retailers.