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Pandasaurus Updates The Loop and Wild Space Release Schedule

The pandemic is still playing hell with release schedules and shipping all around the world. That means that companies may not always know when stuff is going to show up. As such, Pandasaurus has posted an update about their September releases, The Loop and Wild Space. Basically, "they're headed your way. If your shop has them, they can sell them."

From the release:

The shipping crisis of 2021 has continued though the summer and affected our next two releases - The LOOP and Wild Space. Our original release dates for these games were in August, but we quietly pushed them to early September. Well, it looks like those new dates will have to be pushed now as well.

After being delayed at the Los Angeles port for weeks, the games have finally been received at our warehouse and are being prepped for shipment!

As it's impossible to pick a date when everyone will have the games on their shelves, we are declaring these titles "sell upon receipt" so that retailers can make them available to their customers as soon as their shipments arrive.

We know you're all excited to play these great new games! We are trying our best to get these to you asap!

Contact one of these participating game stores to pre-order the game and pick it up as soon as it arrives!