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Pandasaurus Taking Pre-Orders for Dinosaur World

I mean, when I was a kid, I would've done anything to go to a dinosaur theme park. Yes, even after I read and then saw Jurassic Park. And I'm sure many of you would, too. But while that park doesn't actually exist, we can still live vicariously through Dinosaur World, the game from Pandasaurus. Pre-orders are being taken now. You even get a bonus card for pre-ordering.

From the announcement:

Pre-orders for the retail version of Dinosaur World are finally open! This game is the sequel to the technicolor classic Dinosaur Island and takes familiar elements and tweaks them for all new gameplay!

In Dinosaur World, players will complete five rounds, drafting worker meeples to use over different phases each round. You will still be gathering DNA, building attractions, and completing objectives, but you will ALSO take your guests on a Jeeple Tour of your park - activating the buildings/enclosures you drive through. The park you build will be uniquely your own, letting you pursue the strategies you enjoy the most!

By pre-ordering from our website or these participating game stores, you will also receive the Recruiter promo card for free!