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Pandasaurus Games Announces The Game: Face to Face

In The Game, players are looking to play cards in ascending and descending order. Seems easy enough. But in The Game: Face to Face, players aren't only trying to play the correct cards, they're trying to be the first one to empty their hand. This new duel-style version of the game is coming soon from Pandasaurus.

From the website:

The Game: Face to Face features gameplay similar to the evergreen hit The Game with players laying down cards from their hand in ascending and descending piles. However, now the game is limited to two players who are competing to get rid of their cards first. You want to win on your own, but to advance, you must inevitably help your opponent... 

On your turn, you’ll play at least 2 cards from your hand of 6. The twist comes from where you can play them. Of course, your own ascending and descending piles are fair game and follow the normal rules of The Game.

 But exactly once per turn, you can play a card on one of your opponent’s piles, breaking all rules. This ultimately helps them out, as it pushes whatever pile you played on away from its upper limit.