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Pandasaurus Games Announces Mental Blocks

Do you remember stuff like Tangrams? You had all these different shaped tiles and you had to form them into bigger patterns? Mental Blocks is like that, but in 3D, and each player only has a certain view of the pattern. So everyone must work together to create the final pattern. Oh, and time's not on your side, either. You've gotta hurry.

From the announcement:

Mental Blocks is a game of puzzling perspectives from Pandasaurus Games, designed by Micah Sawyer and developed by Jonathan Gilmour (Dead of Winter, Dinosaur Island)!

Players complete a puzzle using oversized foam blocks, but can only see one perspective of the design. You’ll have to cooperate to complete the puzzle as a team, but you had better hurry - there’s a time limit. Plus, players have different additional challenges, such as no talking, or not touching certain color blocks. 

Mental Blocks is fast, frantic fun, with 60 puzzles in the box - 30 Family mode and 30 Challenge mode, that all ramp in difficulty. You can also add a traitor to add even more chaos to the mix! 

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