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Pandasaurus Games Announces Dead Man's Cabal

It's something we all, on some level, wish we coulud do: not have to die. And you've done it! Congratulations! However, the world of the undead isn't as glamorous as you hoped. Thankfully, now that you don't have to die, yourself, you can make it so others don't, either, and you can just make your own friends. That's what's going on in Dead Man's Cabal, a new game coming from Pandasaurus Games.

From the announcement:

You've conquered death.   The master of all 9 dimensions of space time.  Reality bends to your every whim and desire.   You are the absolute best there ever has been.  A Necromancer at the top of their game.  

The only downside is no one likes you.  On account of creeping around with dead bodies and the lack of sunlight.  But who needs friends, when you can make them?  

Dead Man's Cabal is a new mid-weight strategy game from Daniel Newman, with game development from industry-legend Jonathan Gilmour (Dead of Winter, Dinosaur Island).   In Dead Man's party 2-4 players will compete to bring the dead back to life so that you can throw a party with actual...  you know, guests.

The gameplay is a clever interplay of a unique action selection mechanism that allows players to choose both a private action followed by a group action, requiring tense decision making on the timing of the different phases of the game.   Collect bodies, crystal skulls, runes and bring the dead back to life.   Simple enough, but triggering the action in just the right order requires careful planning to make sure you aren't helping your competitors more than yourself.   

Dead Man's Cabal includes 40 3d rendered crystal "skull" miniatures, 35 "bones" 3d rendered currency and 1 cow skull Ossuary marker.  Because, the game is super metal.

This is one of our favorite games that we have ever published.   We (Molly and Pandad) met Daniel for the first time at Origins 2016 and after a couple of two player games, signed it (nearly) on the spot.   It's been in development ever since, and is one of the best strategy game we've published (including Dinosaur Island).  The game has been through multiple blind playtests and we've got data from 100s of testers over thousands of sessions and years of work by Daniel, Jon and our amazing artists. 

Tense decisions, clever combination possibilities and a really fun unique theme make it one that we are incredibly proud to welcome to Team Panda!