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Pandasaurus Announces Expansion for The LOOP

Pandasaurus is excited to announce the first expansion for their popular board game, The LOOP. It's The Revenge of Fauxzilla and it brings a lot to the table, including new characters, new game models, new missions, and new meeples. Pre-orders are being taken now.

From the announcement:

The LOOP was one of our most popular games last year. It sold out at Gen Con, Origins, and (almost) PAX Unplugged! This tongue-in-cheek cooperative game made a splash everywhere it was played. So we're really excited to reveal the first expansion to an already-great base game.

This expansion adds two new playable characters, two new game modes, two new missions, and even more!

  • Peak Twins: Each time you take an action, use which twin to use.
  • Faux Klein Schlag: You may rotate Dr. Faux's Machine to any era.
  • Fauxzillapocalypse: Set traps and defeat Fauxzilla before the end of the third cycle.
  • 7 Kaiju Balls: Steal and seal enough kaiju balls before time runs out.