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PaizoCon Sale Happening Now

With PaizoCon happening this weekend, Paizo is also running themselves a special sale over on their website. You can save some money on pretty much everything they've got available. Save yourself some money and get yourself some new books.

From the website:

From now through May 31st (Pacific time), take 20% off a single order* on Pathfinder and Starfinder products at the Paizo Store using the code PaizoCon2021 at checkout. This includes:

Pathfinder Second Edition Rulebooks, including the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, all three Bestiaries, the Advanced Player’s Guide, Pathfinder Society scenarios, and more! For those of you new to Pathfinder, now is the time to pick up a copy of the Pathfinder Beginner Box.

With in-person gaming returning, stock up on Pathfinder Accessories, Deep Cuts miniatures, and the entire Pathfinder Battles line of prepainted miniatures from WizKids.

From the latest Pathfinder Adventure Paths to standalone adventures like The Fall of Plaguestone and Troubles in Otari, prepare your table for fantasy adventure!

Pathfinder First Edition, including the complete collection of Pocket Edition releases.

Starfinder Rulebooks, Accessories, and Adventure Paths are also on sale! Claim your copy of the Starfinder Beginner Box, Core Rulebook, or the just-released Galaxy Exploration Manual and save 20%.