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Paizo Updates Their OP Plans

The world of gaming conventions is going digital. How does that impact Organized Play programs such as Paizo's? Well, in this update, they give you a look. They're still running events online and are still looking for GMs interested in helping out.

From the article:

Sighing, Janira puts her quill down, reaching for the cup of tea sitting next to her on the desk. Cautiously she takes a sip, testing the temperature before settling back into her seat and finishing the cup. “Well, that’s done,” she murmurs at the papers before her, before glancing at the stack sitting neatly on the back corner of the desk. She sets the empty cup back on its saucer, then picks up her quill and retrieves the top paper from the stack. “Once more into the breach, old friend. Let’s get this wrapped quickly, so that we can go see how the newest initiates fared on the obstacle course. I bet Marcos the newest Envoy’s would get through fastest and I want to see if I won.”