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Paizo Updates Organized Play Release Schedule

Paizo's Pathfinder and Starfinder Societies are some of the best-cultivated and supported OP groups in gaming. And they're getting updates for how often stuff will be coming out for them. How will this affect your game? Head on through to find out.

From the article:

Howdy, everybody. Paizo Publisher Erik Mona here. I wanted to stop by the blog today to talk about some upcoming changes to our Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society scenario offerings in the months ahead. Because I spent many years as an active organized play player and GM before my publishing career and often tried to read the tea leaves behind changes just like these, I want to go over the changes carefully to make sure that no one draws the wrong conclusions.

Over the last year, our organized play and editorial teams have taken a very close look at our department’s production cycle, reported player data about how often our scenarios are used, sales of individual scenarios, player feedback, and other information to get a better sense of how we can best focus our editorial efforts. We identified two key data points. One, the organized play team produces over 700,000 words of playable content every year! Two, an adventure does not need to have the Society logos to work well in the Society environment. With this information in mind, we’ve come to some decisions about the path ahead that we’d like to share with you.

Moving forward, we plan to slightly reduce the number of standard scenarios released for both campaigns. Pathfinder Society will release 3 new scenarios for the season launch in August and the standard 2 new scenarios in September, November, and December. In October, we will release 1 new scenario.

For Starfinder Society, we will produce the standard 2 new scenarios per month in August and October, but will release only 1 new scenario in September, November, and December.


What’s it all mean in the big picture? Is Organized Play in trouble? Are Pathfinder and Starfinder failing?

No. It’s none of that. Both campaigns are doing great and are an important part of Paizo’s present and future. These changes are an attempt to better balance the breakneck pace of our in-house editorial operation to improve quality overall, and to diversify our adventure offerings to provide a wider variety of play experiences, ideally with an eye toward adding more people to the player networks for both games. The more people playing Pathfinder and Starfinder, the cooler stuff we can do to support both games.