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Paizo Updates About Release Schedules and More for the Next few Months

The ongoing pandemic has thrown so many plans into the trash bin only to be redrawn and once more thrown into the bin, it can be tough to know when various things are supposed to come out. Well, Paizo is here to help with their part of it, anyway. They've posted up an update for their content release schedule as well as a look into further events they have going on.

From the article:

Wow. Eleven weeks. That is how long it's been since we decided to move PaizoCon online. In those eleven weeks, we’ve organized three major online conventions with over 2,700 games. Huge thank yous to all the GMs, HQ, and organizing committee volunteers who jumped in to help us bring the program online. While we aren’t finished with our online events (Virtually Expo and PAX Online are coming up soon), there is a bit of breathing room for us to evaluate our methodologies and streamline some best practices. The reality is that we aren’t going to have large in person gatherings for the rest of 2020 and potentially into 2021, so we want to establish workable methods to keep our organized play programs functioning in our new existence.

Again, a HUGE, MASSIVE, GIGANTIC, COLOSSAL thank you to all those who helped out at Gen Con and our other online events. We couldn’t do it without you!