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Paizo Updates About Gen Con Online Event Registration

Gen Con is going to be virtually awesome this year, literally. The show's moved online and brought a lot of things with it, including events. In this instance, Paizo's letting us in on how their events will work along with how to register for them.

From the article:

While Gen Con won’t be happening in Indianapolis this year, Gen Con Online promises to be just as jam-packed with Organized Play events! We’ve got nearly 1,000 game sessions scheduled, so let’s take a look at some of the new scenarios we’ll be premiering.

Gen Con badges can be obtained for free via the Gen Con website. For events, Gen Con set a base price of $2 per event, plus tax, and pledged donation of a portion of each ticket to I Need Diverse Games. Paizo isn’t add any additional costs, so the block length events will cost $2.00. PACS events, being half a block in length, will be $1.00. Quests/Bounties, as 1 hour taster events, will be free. The event catalog goes live on July 6 and ticket sales begin on July 13 and run through the event.

Though ticketed through Gen Con, all our games will take place on VTTs. The Paizo Organized Play Online Events (POPOE) server, which we have used successfully for PaizoCon Online and ConCurrent, will be our gathering place for muster, chat, and You can use this link to join the POPOE discord now, though the channels won’t go live until closer to Gen Con