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Paizo Updates About ConCurrent

So, in short order Origins Online was cancelled. Paizo had planned on running events there, but also have extra events going on at ConCurrent which was going to run concurrently (Oooooh... I get it now...) with Origins. What's this mean for everyone involved? Well, that's what we find out in this post.

From the post:

Another week’s past and we’re still plugging away on our outstanding tasks – convention planning and execution, scenario production, sanctioning/additional resources/character options, and achievement points. We’ve got another roll of code to address some of the issues raised in last week’s blog, including the boon character assignment fixes. Keep an eye on your totals and let us know things that still look wrong or if they are looking good! Feedback is necessary for us to figure out the bugs and get the system rolling and for that we need you!