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Paizo Talk About the Hobgoblin Ancestry in Pathfinder 2nd Edition

There's so many Ancestries (formerly known as Races) that one can play in Pathfinder, it might be hard to figure out what you want to choose. With the release of 2nd edition, players have found a new one they can try, the Hobgoblin. But what does playing one mean for the game? In this article, Paizo takes a look at just that.

From the post:

Hobgoblins are an Uncommon ancestry. This might seem confusing, as Uncommon usually suggests that something must be found through effort in-game, and PCs can hardly switch ancestries mid-character! In this case, Uncommon is what we use to indicate that a particular ancestry is not necessarily found (or appropriate as PCs) in all areas of the Inner Sea region. A hobgoblin soldier PC would not fit well into the War for the Crown Adventure Path, for example—but that same PC could easily be found in the Eye of Dread meta-region, or even touring the lands of Nidal or Varisia. With that said, Azaersi’s control over the Vault of the Onyx Citadel means a hobgoblin can theoretically be found anywhere, as the general has managed to create magical pathways to regions as far-flung as the hobgoblin nation of Kaoling in Tian Xia!