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Paizo Taking Pre-Orders for Starfinder Beginner Box

We were all new to our games at one point or another. So, it's good to have products designed to get new gamers up and going quickly and easily with your game systems. For Starfinder, Paizo is doing that with their new beginner box. You can order yours now.

From the website:

t's almost here! In less than a week, the Starfinder Beginner Box will roam the wilds of outer space—and retail stores across the globe—bringing a unique and introductory brand of Starfinder to players everywhere.

Here at Paizo HQ, we couldn't be more excited. The Starfinder Beginner Box represents countless hours of passionate game design and development, layout and artwork, editing, playtesting, and much more. With the Beginner Box, we've put our hearts and souls into creating a great experience to introduce brand-new roleplayers into the hobby that we all love, and to create first impressions of the Starfinder RPG that players of all experience levels will never forget.

For certain, the project was a monumental undertaking. But knowing that our product might create deeply formative experiences for new players—in the same way that our early experiences with roleplaying changed our lives forever for the better—kept us all going the entire time. Now, we can't wait to share this game and this beginner's product with the world.

The Starfinder Beginner Box hits stores on April 24, and to help promote it, our partners at Two Kings Entertainment helped us put together the ad you see on this page.

Meanwhile, the Starfinder team members who helped bring this product to life have some thoughts to share about the process.