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Paizo Takes A Look Inside The Lost Omens World Guide

Travel. How do you do it? These days, it's mostly cars and planes. But for your fantasy groups, it can be a lot more diverse. And while we have GPS, such things don't often exist in a medieval fantasy world. But there's ways around it, since there's also usually magic and magic items. In this look inside the Lost Omens World Guide, we get a look at some of the ways travel works in Pathfinder.

From the website:

It’s here! The Lost Omens World Guide is finally available on store shelves everywhere and via PDF on Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out the Tales of Lost Omens to get a taste of the upcoming changes to the Inner Sea region and some amazing fiction by our wonderful authors. While those blogs were great in their own right, they were sorely lacking a little something: new rules! So, join me as I take another quick tour through the ten metaregions of the Inner Sea region and we’ll take a peek at some fun rules content.