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Paizo Shows Off the Ailurans for Pathfinder

Recently, the folks over at Paizo had a Twitch stream where they collectively with the audience built themselves a monster for Pathfinder. The Ailurans are what they came up with. This new monster has been created mostly by you, the players, and is now ready to take its place in your campaigns. Paizo's posted up its full stats and information on their website.

From the post:

A short while ago, Logan Bonner and I appeared on Paizo’s Twitch stream to demonstrate the monster-building rules featured in the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide. With the help and suggestions from the chat audience, we walked people through the steps of creating a brand-new monster based on a piece of art that appears in the book. Now we’d like to share with you the result of that exercise. Meet our unofficial creature—the ailuran!

Ailurans are reclusive fey with an obsession for silver. This fixation makes them a pesky foil to silver miners and werecreatures alike. Though the creatures don’t necessarily harbor any ill will to others and would prefer to just be left alone, miners consider them pests. Ailurans, sometimes called silver seekers, are infamous for sneaking into or breaking into silver mines to obtain the object of their affection—silver. Miners, not wanting to be stolen from, keep alert for ailuran activity.

It’s unsure why ailurans have an animosity to werecreatures, but their obsession with silver serves them well in this regard. Some ailurans use the silver they collect to make silver weapons they use to hunt down these shapeshifters. Werecreatures aware of this enmity tend to avoid regions where ailurans live.

Ailurans live in small groups in secluded forested hills and mountains—typically locations in which silver can be found in abundance. When not raiding mines, ailurans can be found in trees where they often make their homes. They have a supernatural ability to sense the presence of silver and have been known to accost travelers and charge them a silver toll to allow passage through their lands. While not outwardly friendly, many ailurans are open to trade and will barter with creatures passing through their forests. However, if a visitor makes a bad impression, the creatures sometimes use their illusory magic to create false silver items they use to trade, leaving the traveler empty handed once the magic’s duration runs out.