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Paizo Running Deck of Many Worlds Contest

Using the Deck of Many Worlds, GMs can quickly and easily create their own planets for use in Starfinder games. Now, Paizo is looking to see what you are coming up with. They've got a contest going where GMs can create a design for a world and possibly have it written up officially by the Starfinder team. Will your world get chosen?

From the post:

Two weeks ago, we shared some of the different world concepts members of the Paizo staff came up with for the same array of cards from the Deck of Many Worlds. Now it’s your turn! Using the rules reference cards from the deck (a free download available here) design your concept for the world shown below and propose it in the comments. The submissions that are marked as a favorite the most times will be included in the running to have an official writeup by a member of the Starfinder team in a forthcoming blog entry into the Codex of Worlds!