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Paizo Releases Sundered Waves One-Shot for Pathfinder

Paizo has a new product available for Pathfinder. It's Sundered Waves and it's a new one-shot adventure. One-shots are perfect to just toss into your game for a single session, or use as a scenario for an event you're running, or just to have a quick game with no other connections.

From the article:

Today’s debut of Sundered Waves marks the first appearance of a brand new type of Paizo digital adventure--the One-Shot! Written by Paizo’s Director of Game Design, Jason Bulmahn, Sundered Waves features a jaunt through a pirate’s puzzle-filled dungeon, and is the first release in a new downloadable adventure line!

One-Shots provide single-session adventures designed to fill 3–4 hours of game play. Each includes pregenerated characters to make it easy to jump into the action right away. These aren’t just character sheets, though, they’re beautifully illustrated and fully-developed characters with backstories related to the adventure that make for great cooperative storytelling around your gaming table.