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Paizo Releases Pathfinder Combat Tracker App

I play in an RPG most weekends. And sometimes, we get into some pretty crazy battles with a lot of enemies, NPCs, the characters, and more. Sometimes, it can get a bit much to try and remember who goes when and what's next. Paizo is looking to make all of that easy with the release of their Combat Tracker App for Pathfinder.

From the announcement:

If you’re a fan of the Pathfinder Combat Pad for tracking initiative (and if you aren’t, you should check it out – it has magnets!), then we have a fun new twist that we think users will enjoy. We’ve put it in your pocket!

Our brand new company, Digital Dragon Studios, is dedicated to making apps that gamers love, and our very first offering is the Combat Tracker App for Pathfinder Second Edition. It’s all the goodness of the Pathfinder Combat Pad in a fantastic pocket-friendly app for you and your party to use everywhere you go.

We’ve done our best to ensure the app is as useful as it can be with features such as online play for long distance games, condition tracking, and Bluetooth connectivity for those times when the internet just isn’t an option. The app was created so that users from across the room or across the world can login together, see combat order, and hear the alert when combat advances. It can also be used solo by manually entering players in the Game Master Control Panel. Even better, both Android and Apple users can track combat together!

The Pathfinder Second Edition Combat Tracker app is currently available in the Apple and Google Play stores, and you can keep up with current news regarding updates and future apps by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Wherever and however you game, we hope it’s epic, and our app makes your life a little easier.