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Paizo Previews the Galaxy Operations Manual for Starfinder

Paizo is always liking to make sure players and GMs have all the options they could ever want for their games of Starfinder. To help with that and bring all sorts of new resources to the table, they're working on the Galaxy Operations Manual. We get a look at what it will entail in this preview.

From the post:

With the Starfinder Galaxy Operations Manual comes a bevy of player options, but there’s plenty more value packed into this tome. While you’ll want to keep an eye out for an upcoming blog that details the world-building system, today we’re looking at the multitude of toolboxes and tables provided in the Galaxy Exploration Manual!

While some of these tools will be useful to players building their characters’ backstories, GMs will find them invaluable in running open-ended adventures. So, let’s put ourselves in a Starfinder GM’s shoes and see what we can get out of GEM