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Paizo Previews Waking the Worldseed Adventure for Starfinder

Most pre-made adventures are generally written for low-to-mid level parties. They usually top out around 7 or 8 or so. The Devastation Ark Adventure Path for Starfinder will be made for higher level characters, starting out with level 13 suggested for Waking the Worldseed. In this preview, we get a slight look into the adventure and what it will bring to your game tables.

From the article:

From the vast reaches of space comes an unusual sight: the first volume of the Devastation Ark Adventure Path for Starfinder, “Waking the Worldseed” by Jenny Jarzabski. This adventure is for 13th-level PCs, marking it as our first official foray into higher-level adventure content! But what is the Devastation Ark and what does it want with the Pact Worlds? Does it spell doom for the system? Or will a group of courageous heroes stop the return of an ancient, warmongering civilization?

Don’t worry, I’m here to give you (some of) the answers. While the spoilers presented here are mild, if you want these adventures to complete surprise you, you might want to skip some of the more revealing plot-related questions.