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Paizo Previews Upcoming Pathfinder Minis

Over the weekend, I played some D&D. We had our map out. We had our characters there, ready to attack. Having all that really helped out when it came time to throw some dice. Pathfinder, I feel, is also better with minis. And Paizo and WizKids have some new sets of prepainted figures coming, and they wanted to show some figures off.

From the post:

Last week, our partners at WizKids announced the next set of Pathfinder Battles prepainted plastic miniatures: Ruins of Lastwall! Scheduled for an April 2019 release, Ruins of Lastwall is the last full set of Pathfinder Battles miniatures before the advent of Pathfinder Second Edition in August of next year. As such, it offers a great opportunity for us to fill in as many of the remaining gaps in the series from our iconic first edition sourcebooks, and the chance to tie in with one of the most highly anticipated adventure paths in the history of the game: Tyrant's Grasp.

As the name might suggest, Tyrant's Grasp involves the return of the Whispering Tyrant, the lich wizard-king of old whose prison was guarded by the paladins of neighboring Lastwall. Nothing in the title of this minis set should be misconstrued as a spoiler, though. Everything's going to be fine for Lastwall. Nothing to worry about for them!

With a heavy slant toward undead and Lastwall crusaders, the Ruins of Lastwall set features 44 randomized figures, six pieces of bonus dungeon dressing, and the associated Cemetery of the Fallen premium set, available for purchase along with the pre-order of a full case of standard boosters. Check out the initial wave of previews released as part of the solicitation!