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Paizo Previews Starfinder Year 3

It's the third year of the Starfinder Society. If you've been playing along in the official events, great! But even if you're not, you can still use the material for your own games to enhance everyone's experience. As it's the start of the year, Pazio is giving us a look at what they've got in store going forward, including a look at the first two adventures.

From the article:

ConCurrent starts tomorrow, June 19th, featuring the launch of Starfinder Society Year 3: Year of Exploration’s Edge. We’ve revealed the year art and symbol, but now we get to take a peek at the first two scenarios of the year.

First up, Starfinder Society #3-01: Crash Down, written by Paizo’s own Starfinder developer Jason Tondro. It involves the PCs experiencing an unexpected event in orbit of a planet in the Vast that leads to them needing to survive on the planet until help arrives! This scenario uses a new Survival Tag that lets both GMs and Players know the major theme of this adventure.Second, Starfinder Society #3-02: The Subterranean Safari by Jessica Catalan, has an interesting story. This scenario directly builds off the end of the upcoming Starfinder Free RPG Day product, Skitter Home. The PCs join a Veskarium military official on a hunt through the subterranean realm of the skittermander homeworld! Due to changes in timing, we couldn’t announce the Free RPG Day connection until now, but players who’ve enjoyed the story in Skitter Home can get some additional follow-up in this scenario (though it’s certainly not required!)

Besides these new adventures, the ConCurrent schedule includes lots of prior year Starfinder Society content, including higher level games, as well as Pathfinder Society (both editions) as well as Pathfinder Adventure Card Society.