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Paizo Previews Pathfinder Society Releases

The Pathfinder Society is Paizo's organized play program for Pathfinder. They're putting great content out for it all the time, and even if you're not in a Society game, you can still use this stuff in your games. Have a look at what they're working on for release soon.

From the post:

Before I let Thurston talk about our upcoming scenarios, one quick announcement: the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path is now sanctioned for play! Sanctioning documents and Chronicle Sheets can be downloaded on the product pages or at this direct link. Alright, on with the show!

With PaizoCon coming up in May, this month’s blog update sees us previewing a double-dose of Pathfinder Society goodness, as we’ll be releasing May’s scenarios early for PaizoCon attendees!