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Paizo Previews New Starfinder Scenarios

Want to know what sort of antics your Starfinder characters can be getting into soon? Well, take a look as Paizo posts a preview of some scenarios that they're working on.

From the article:

Hiya, Starfinders! I have something special for you this month. A while back, I was discussing real-world current events that caused shipping delays with some friends, and someone jokingly commented that it would make a great Starfinder Society scenario. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head, and as I let the idea percolate, it kept getting weirder and weirder. How weird is it? Well, let’s just say the Society might solve a shipping crisis in more than one way.

This month, a group of Starfinders traveling in deep space encounter a distress beacon from a stalled cargo freighter. Once they investigate, they learn that the ship belongs to Multifold Industries, and that there’s something more to this problem than meets the eye. The mission is simple in theory: board the ship, assess it for damage, make any onsite repairs possible, and contact Multifold. Not a bad way to earn some credits, right? Ah, if only things were ever that easy…

Starfinder Society #4-08: Precious Cargo is an adventure for levels 1–4. The amazing Diego Valdez was my partner in crime for this one. We had a blast crafting this idea together, and he did an excellent job writing it—so check it out!