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Paizo Previews New Starfinder Miniatures

So, we've had Pathfinder minis for quite a while now. But the first batch of Starfinder figures are still in the works. However, they are just about done and Paizo wanted to show off what these new figures are going to look like.

From the post:

We’re just a month or so away from the release of the first set of prepainted plastic miniatures in WizKids Games’s Starfinder Battles line, and I couldn’t be more excited to show them off to you today! In much the same way we launched the Pathfinder Battles line with Beginner Box Heroes—a non-randomized set of four Iconic heroes—way back in 2011, we’re kicking Starfinder Battles off with two non-randomized sets of six figures each: Starfinder Battles: Galactic Villains and Starfinder Battles: Galactic Heroes!