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Paizo Previews New Releases

Paizo generally has quite a large number of releases each month. How can you tell what all this stuff has in it? Well, thankfully, they've got some previews up for you to check out. Head over and see what's in store.

From the article:

There you are, dearie! How’s my favorite customer in the world? I’ve been telling all my subscribers: new shipments are on the way, so place your preorders and subscription requests today.

Can you believe our treasures are on time this month? I don’t know if I should send prayers of thanks to Abadar, Asmodeus, or Desna… so I pay them all off, ha ha. My pallid princess doesn’t mind, she understands that appetites must be fed. And I have free samples.

I had so much to tell you about last time, I know you can’t have not forgotten the marvels that await you, like the Pathfinder Book of the Dead and Starfinder Drift Crisis. But I heard through the leshy-vine that you wanted to know about those Knights of Lastwall.

Well, actually it was from fungus leshys, not the vine leshys. You know they may not be the brightest, but my fungi friends know the all the best sources for hard-to-acquire ingredients. And they help me around those inflationary black-market prices? Black market? More like blackmail-market! That’s why it is so important to have alternate sources.

But where was I? Oh, yes! I shudder to think why anyone would enjoy learning about those Knights of Lastwall do-gooders. If you ask me, they’re a bunch of losers who don’t know when to quit. Why do you want to know about them when you could be making inroads with Alkenstar or, even better, boning up on the Blood Lords. (Get it? Boning up on the… oh, never mind.) Maybe you want to know more about your enemies and their weaknesses? You’ve always been so shrewd, that must be the reason!

So, let’s sit and take a closer look, shall we, dearie?