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Paizo Previews NPCs from Lost Omens Character Guide

Players only have to worry about their character while the GM has to worry about literally every one else in the game. As such, it's handy to have guides and lists of NPCs that they can draw from. But it can get old with just Bartender #483 or Commoner #87309. Sometimes, you need something a little more complex. That's what Paizo's giving you in this preview of the Lost Omens Character Guide.

From the post:

Have you heard? The Lost Omens Character Guide is available now at your local gaming store and here on! If you haven’t had a chance to check out what kind of awesome content shows up in the book, take some time to check out blog posts from the past weeks. All of those posts cover the cool content for ancestries and organizations, but there’s one more section of the book we wanted to show off. However, rather than just giving a typical preview, we wanted to show the book in action and have you, fine readers, follow along at home!

The final section of the Character Guide is an NPC gallery showcasing individuals from the five organizations featured in the book. Each organization receives two different NPCs: a standard, rank and file member and a higher ranking member. The standard member is a level 4 NPC and include the likes of Hellknight armigers and Magaambya adepts. The higher ranking members are level 11 NPCs, such as the veteran reclaimer of the Knights of Lastwall and Pathfinder Venture-Captains. We present a generic stat block to represent each of these NPCs, but my fellow developer Eleanor Ferro also took some time to present a sample personality to attach to each of the stat blocks so they are ready to go for your own games. The Venture-Captain, for example, is Khoumrock Blackthane, explorer extraordinaire! (We like to call him Captain Octo-boots around these parts.)