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Paizo Previews Motivations From Lost Omens Character Guide

"Yeah, but is it what my character would do?"

We've all probably heard that at a gaming table before. Players are given an option or an course of action, and it all sorts of stops because someone isn't sure if their character would do it or not. That's fine, but it can sometimes be a question players have about their characters. In this preview of the Lost Omens Character Guide for Pathfinder, Paizo takes a look at helping with such questions.

From the campaign:

Have you discovered this seeming contradiction yet? Epic roleplaying requires specificity. Great collaborative storytelling needs players who know what drives them. The better they can know “Where am I from?” and “Where am I going?” the better they can create a motivated character. And it gives everyone else at the table something to play off of.

So let’s take a moment to recall and appreciate the incredibly detailed and evocative Lost Omens Character Guide preview articles that Developers Eleanor Ferron and Luis Loza have shared with us in recent weeks.