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Paizo Previews More New Pathfinder Battles Minis

The other day, Paizo announced a new set of Pathfinder Battles minis. This time around, they give us some more previews of what figures you can be expecting. Most of these come from the cities below the earth, including a group of dreaded Deuregar.

From the article:

Last week we started our look at the myriad figures in the City of Lost Omens set of prepainted plastic miniatures from our partners at WizKids, and I left you with the promise of divulging the denizens of the many layers of man-made, monster-made, and natural caverns below Absalom this week. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Those familiar with the Extinction Curse Adventure Path know that it features a few reptilian foes from the deep Darklands, and we made sure to include a number of figures to help GMs of the campaign build out their warbands. Below are the Xulgath Skulker and Xulgath Warrior, both Medium common figures, and the Xulgath Chief, a Medium rare figure.