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Paizo Previews Lizardman Ancestry For Pathfinder

With Pathfinder 2nd Edition, Paizo's looking to expand the different ancestries (aka - races) that players can choose for their character. We've seen how they've added in Goblins, but that's not the only non-standard ancestry that they're adding. While it's not in the core book, Lizardmen will be making their way into the game as a playable ancestry. In this preview, we get a little look at what they'll be like.

From the post:

Those of you who have been following the Oblivion Oath campaign on Paizo’s Twitch channel are likely already familiar with Zel, the lizardfolk adventurer who has been caught up in strange and frankly creepy events beyond his control. Jason Bulmahn stressed that lizardfolk—or iruxi, as they call themselves—would not be a player ancestry in the Pathfinder 2E Core Rulebook, but us developers have known for a while that they’d be quickly following along on the Core Rulebook’s coattails. In fact, Zel has been using the final lizardfolk ancestry rules for a while, and with the upcoming release of the Lost Omens Character Guide, you’ll soon be able to do the same!

In the case of the Pathfinder developers and designers, this also gives us an opportunity to expand upon lizardfolk in ways we haven’t had the opportunity to do so until now. There have been hints of a more robust lizardfolk culture scattered across multiple Paizo products, but oftentimes, those hints never coalesced into anything tangible for the PCs to encounter during adventures. Most meetings with the iruxi follow the exact same template—an isolated tribe of lizardfolk living in simple, ramshackle huts in the middle of a jungle or swamp.