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Paizo Previews Leshies Ancestry for Pathfinder

Have you ever wanted to get more in touch with nature? You might've played Druids or Rangers in your Pathfinder games. But that still may not have been enough. Well, if you're willing to wait a little bit, you can check out the Leshies Ancestry for Pathfinder that will be coming out in the Lost Omens Character Guide.

From the post:

When we first started brainstorming the three new ancestries we intended to put into the Lost Omens Character Guide, leshies weren’t even on the list. We knew we didn’t want to overlap with the ancestries that are going to show up in the recently announced Advanced Player’s Guide, but that still left us with far too many contenders for the mere three ancestry slots we had available. Options included simple and popular choices such as the grippli, ambitious but potentially rules-contentious ideas such as centaurs, and even the relatively obscure mortics that appeared in Tyrant’s Grasp. As we debated, Mark Seifter came in with a message from himself and the rest of the Design Team: “What about leshies?”

Well, what about leshies?

Much like their introduction into Pathfinder 1E, leshies gained incredible traction in a short amount of time, and they managed to cinch the last, coveted spot as an early ancestry for Pathfinder 2E. We know leshies aren’t for everyone, but we recognized their presence was an opportunity to emphasize some of the truly unique aspects of the Age of Lost Omens as a setting. While many ancestries have unique and challenging viewpoints by the standards of humanity, leshies are separated from both flesh and mortality as we understand it.