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Paizo Previews Legendary Adventures Miniatures Pack

I know that many people do "theater of the mind" for their RPG sessions. And that's certainly fine for them, but I greatly prefer having minis on the table to see where things are. Just keeps things neat and tidy when it's like, "I thought that monster was across the room. Why is it clawing at me now?" A new set is coming out soon from WizKids for Pathfinder and Paizo is showing off a preview.

From the post:

Back in February, we announced the next set of Pathfinder Battles pre-painted plastic miniatures from our partners at WizKids—Legendary Adventures—and showed off a handful of the figures in the set, including the Huge dragon turtle and some of the pieces of the Goblin Village premium set releasing at the same time.

It’s been a while, but now that Pathfinder Second Edition is out and we’ve got a bit of time to catch our breath, it’s time to look at the rest of the set, which comes out in September.

Since we first announced that Legendary Adventures would include Huge miniatures, one of the figures we heard the most hope for was the aquatic alghollthu, whose meddling in the affairs of humans in ancient times had an incredibly devastating effect on the fate of Golarion. Well, I’m happy to report that the alghollthu is in fact in the set! With an uncommon rarity, this staple of tabletop fantasy is sure to make a splash in campaigns across the world.