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Paizo Previews Goblin Village Figures For Pathfinder Battles

I wasn't initially sure if I should put this in a Terrain Corner or not, as it kinda crosses over. Paizo and WizKids have a new Pathfinder Battles set coming out soon called Legendary Adventures and if you get the premium set, you get yourself a goblin village as well.

From the post:

Last week we started looking at the forthcoming Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures set of pre-painted plastic miniatures from our partners at WizKids. This week we’ll explore the Goblin Village premium set that releases alongside the Huge booster-based set.

Longtime goblin fans will notice a lot of nods to past goblin adventures in this premium set. When we first started designing this set, I knew we needed to include iconic goblin elements from Pathfinder’s long history, and we plumbed not just our past adventures like Burnt Offerings and We Be Goblins!, but also the “Goblins!” comics from Dynamite Entertainment.