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Paizo Previews Gameplay in Pathfinder 2.0

So, you've got your character all built. Now what are you supposed to do with them? Well, you should go adventuring, of course! But how does that work in the new version of Pathfinder that's coming out? Glad you asked, because that's just what we get a look at in this preview from Paizo.

From the post:

Last week, we built a character together, so now let's talk about how the game plays!

Most of the time when you're adventuring, you're exploring. Whether you're examining a dusty tomb, blazing trails through a dense jungle, or disguising your way into an enemy fortress, exploration is all about discovery. It takes place on a fluid time scale, ranging from roughly 10 minutes to hours, or even days for a long overland expedition. It's dangerous to go alone, especially when you don't know if you'll have an important skill you need to brave the perils of a dungeon, but fortunately you'll be part of a team. If you're an expert or better in a skill, you'll be able to help your allies with that skill while exploring, by coaching your less athletic teammates up the cliffside and spotting the worst of the climb, using hand gestures to sneak your louder allies past the guards at the best moment, and more!

In addition to a handful of exploration actions characters can take while in this game mode, the book also presents a number of skills that can be used while exploring.