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Paizo Previews Free RPG Day Material

Ah yes, Free RPG Day, where companies produce cool items to get you out to your LGS and hang out and share in our joy of playing pretend with one-another. I have a large affinity for playing pretend. I do it most weekends. I'm really looking forward to this upcoming session this weekend. But while I'm just looking forward to Saturday, Paizo's looking ahead to the aforementioned Free RPG Day and they've posted up a little look at what they'll be releasing for it.

From the article:

Free RPG Day works with top RPG Publishers to create the can’t miss RPG event of the year at hobby game stores around the world.

Participating retailers receive an abundance of new and exclusive RPG adventures, products, and accessories to provide the ultimate day of RPG gaming with giveaways and massive foot traffic.

Gamers get to play new games, publishers get exposure and hype for their core products, and retailers get booming sales.

Paizo is proud to again sponsor Free RPG Day and we are excited to unveil our adventures for you today!Article quote goes here


  arcanepretzel at Jun-10 20
I've heard good things about the Goblin-oriented Free RPG Day adventures, and them branching out into Kobold territory is a nice one, now that Goblins are, er, 'mainstream'. Or, at least, in the main book as a playable race.