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Paizo Posts The Fox's Flames Encounter For Pathfinder

Paizo has their PaizoCon Online event coming up soon. Players will be able to play online Pathfinder with official GMs during the event. Want to know what sort of things you'll be getting into, or just want a new encounter for your Pathfinder games, check out The Fox's Flames.

From the post:

I hope everyone’s staying safe as it starts to be spring here in Seattle. In case you missed it, GM registrations have recently opened for PaizoCon Online, and we’ve already seen a ton of people signing up to run Organized Play adventures online. If you’re curious about trying out a Pathfinder Society (second edition) scenario at PaizoCon but aren’t sure what to expect, we’ve put together a sample encounter to give you a taste of a typical encounter found in organized play (and a preview of a few creatures from the upcoming Bestiary 2!). Everything you need to play is linked below!