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Paizo Posts Stats for The Shroud of Four Silences Characters in Pathfinder

Paizo loves to give you free content for their games. This includes character stats for characters seen in their various fluff pieces. The novella, The Shroud of Four Silences, has come to a close, and so Paizo has posted up the stats for the protagonists so you can use them as NPCs in Pathfinder.

From the article:

As The Shroud of Four Silences, the new serialized Pathfinder novella from Liane Merciel, comes to a close, we’re presenting NPC stat blocks for all four of the main protagonists, allowing you to incorporate them into your ongoing campaigns. Whether they serve as allies, competitive rivals, or even replacement player characters, take these new heroes and make them your own. We look forward to seeing what challenges face them beyond the story’s conclusion next week.