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Paizo Posts Starship Operations Manual Preview

Paizo loves to give you all looks into what they're coming out with for their games in an interesting way. Instead of just a regular old preview, they'll give you new content for your game that you can use right away that simply uses rules and other things from the new books. That's what you've got here with a new Starfinder encounter that uses new things from the upcoming Starship Operations Manual. Have a look.

From the article:

The Starfinder Starship Operations Manual is coming on July 30, but you don’t have to wait until then to start playing with the amazing new toys it provides for Game Masters! Here’s an encounter that uses just a few of the new ships, weapons, hazards, and rules found in the book, designed by Starfinder Developer Jason Tondro. All the rules you need have been summarized below, so you can play this encounter right away, even if you don’t have the Starship Operations Manual.