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Paizo Posts Starfinder Alien Archive 3 Designer Diary

Why do game designers make the decisions they do? What draws them to create the way they create? That's what a lot of gamers want to know. In the upcoming Alien Archive 3 for Starfinder, there's a lot of different races coming to the game, and Paizo's posted up a Design Diary article with the designers so they can talk about where they got their inspiration for making the aliens they did.

From the post:

Hello! Joe Pasini here, Neutral Good outsider and Starfinder Lead Designer. As the lead developer for Alien Archive 3, I got to work with a ton of awesome authors to fill the book with weird critters, from friendly playable species to colossal threats to all sapient life. I asked a few of these folks to talk about their experience writing these creations—take it away, designers!