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Paizo Posts Rules For Puzzle Hunts

Puzzles. And I don't just mean jigsaw puzzles that you take forever to finish on your kitchen table. I mean all manner of puzzles. In an RPG, they can be a chance for the players to step back out of their characters for a bit and give their brains a real stretch. In this article, Paizo talks about the Puzzle Hunts they had at PaizoCon, posting up the rules for them. Have yourselve a look.

From the post:

Puzzles good and puzzles fun,
Puzzles here for everyone!

Hello, longshanks!

We be the goblins of the Mindsharp tribe! We be a very smarty and friendly group. Months ago, goblin-friends Jason Keeley and Joe Pasini friends ask us to help make puzzles for annual Pie-zoh-kahn Puzzle Hunt! We be happy to lend our brains to help, though some Mindsharps still not sure about written word. They gave us instructions for each puzzle to make, and we think we followed most of them!

Now it your turn to test your smartyness against Mindsharps! Read magic blue words below for puzzle hunt! No prize for solving, but if you come to our village, we can teach you new game as reward! It involve square wood board, rock playing pieces, pickles (for snacking), and barrel of flammable tar. We still need to figure out best way to bury goblin who win, but it still very fun game!

What is a puzzle hunt?
A puzzle hunt is a series of linked puzzles, with the answer to each being a word or phrase. Those words and phrases are used in a larger puzzle to generate the hunt's final solution. Figuring out how that puzzle works is part of the challenge!

Who made this, anyway?
Mostly a bunch of goblins, but Jason Keeley and Joe Pasini helped. However, none of them could have done it without the aid of Art Director Sonja Morris, who created all of the puzzle hunt's outstanding graphics!

What do I do if get stuck?
First, put the puzzle down and come back at it in an hour or so with a fresh mind. Perhaps you'll spot something you hadn't seen before. Be sure to reread the instructions at the top of the page; sometimes clues are hidden in there! If all that fails, feel free to ask for a hint on the forums. There's no shame in getting a nudge from a fellow solver, and perhaps you can help her in return with a different puzzle!