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Paizo Posts Pathfinder/Starfinder Compatible Content

There's a lot of other companies out there that post Pathfinder and Starfinder-compatible content. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up (even for me, who looks specifically out for that kinda thing). Thankfully, Paizo's here to help some by collecting a bunch together and posting them for you.

From the post:

Last month I started a new monthly blog presenting the new Pathfinder- and Starfinder-compatible products—all PDFs—recently posted on Here they are for the month of November 2020.

I’m listing them by the publisher with links to their other works on our site. Let me know if you like this presentation or would rather they be sorted by Pathfinder First Edtion, Pathfinder Second Edition, and Starfinder. That said, I may switch it up from time to time so as not to play favorites with either publishers or games.