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Paizo Posts Pathfinder: Arena Update

Want to get the latest about the Pathfinder: Arena board game? Been wondering what they've been working on over there? Now's your chance as Paizo has posted an update all about it.

From the post:

PaizoCon is a unique event for the Pathfinder community. We therefore want to share a massive and exciting update on the first board game set in the Pathfinder roleplaying game’s Age of Lost Omens setting: Pathfinder Arena.

Pathfinder Arena is a competitive game for 2 to 4 players, an epic clash between Pathfinder’s most iconic heroes and most fearsome monsters. Heroes must compete against the challenge posed by an entity called Arena until one champion remains. Although heroes cannot directly attack each other, they can use monsters to do so. While monsters never leave their initial tile, the board representing the Arena itself is in constant movement. Players can alter the Arena’s structure by pushing tiles orthogonally. Such movements can bring an opponent hero in range of a devastating attack by one or more monsters—a great way to score points in the game.